Working Groups

Working groups have been identified and set up to drive the programme of investigation and development, whilst ensuring strict governance and a legal framework.

The working groups have been organised as follows:

  • Steering Group (overall management and key decision making)
  • Governance & Business Model Development Group (finance & legal control)
  • Supply Chain Integration & Monitoring Group (technical management)
  • Specifications & Demand Group (commercial & planning oversight)
  • Marketing & Public Affairs Group (communications)

The objective of the working groups is to work with and support the project director to achieve the goals and ambition of the alliance, whilst stress testing all areas of the programme and ensuring the alliance is delivered to the full, for all stakeholders involved.

The groups work to ensure that each and every member is being fairly and strategically represented, as part of the brief supplied to ALL working groups.

The Project Director is responsible for aligning the working groups across the alliance and to always be available for the discussions and many workshops taking place.

Working groups are supported by the project director and MMC/Off-site consultant specialists, for managing risks and opportunities as they arise, and to ensure a full commercial and technical insight service throughout the programme phases.

Read more about our governance here.