There are two ways and reasons for registering your company on this page.

If you are an MMC/Offsite technology supplier or professional services provider, and have yet to be approved as a participant within the alliance programme, then please register your interest here first and we will send you a link for an application to become involved with the OSHA programme of work. This programme is governed by OJEU Procurement rules (and PAS91 – publicly available specification for pre-qualification questionnaires in construction-related procurement) and therefore, has to be managed in accordance with this process to ensure public procurement protocol.

If you want to discuss the provision of technologies or services to the alliance before registering on the procurement systems in place, you can also email the Project Director directly from here to discuss your interest further. However, you can also register directly, if you are sure that your propositions are relevant, and to be a part of the alliance programme of work, on the dynamic purchasing system database.

Thank you for choosing the right registration option, to ensure your time and ours is best spent.

Please Note: This registration section below is for REGISTERED PROVIDER PARTNER REGISTRATION ONLY.

The approval provided via the registration below (once validated and granted) is for access to information relating to the programme itself (e.g. to access the Document Management Systems, Working Group Databases, OSHA Updates, GANTT Charts, Budgets etc).