Vision and values

The vision and values of the alliance are simple and robust as it works with the offsite supply chain to deliver on its ambition to provide thousands of new, affordable and high quality homes, in the North of England.

A simple vision

. . . “to deliver high quality, affordable and high-performance homes using the very best, and robust off-site technologies”

The combined alliance partners’ strategy is to deliver circa 10,000+ high quality homes per annum from 2023 onwards across the North, with a focus on as many MMC/off-site technologies it can within reason, to support the ambition.

This coordinated approach will provide sustainable options, at low risk and with a controlled mass customisation catalogue of designs for alliance partners and for a review of a JV opportunity as and when required in the latter phases of the programme.

Robust values

The social housing sector prides itself on having robust values to protect all in the delivery of affordable housing. Our aim is to protect all residents from stress and hardship and it is also our ambition as an alliance and individually, to ensure that the homes we build, are ‘a home for life’ wherever possible.

Recommended reading

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