Focused Strategy

The alliance currently consists of 23 registered social housing providers (continually growing), all of whom have a strategic intent to grow their offsite housing portfolio, with ‘registered’ supply chain partners.

Supply chain partners, procured through a direct procurement system (ICN – DPS) will be invited to participate from within a ‘working group assessed’ selection process. Homes England and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) are also supporting the alliance to achieve its ambition across the development and delivery phases.

Phase 1 of the programme has been established to form the alliance, set up the governance and road mapping and to start the engagement of the supply chain partners, coordinated by a Project Director and the expert working groups. A full Business Case is in now being refined.

Phases 2 & 3 of the programme have been set out as exploration and development, looking at designs, land availability, assessing individual registered providers’ needs, real performance monitoring, off-site technology analysis and certification positions.

Phase 4 brings in analysis of the intelligence model, development of the emerging continuity business plan and discussions around potential JV opportunities for the alliance. The ongoing ambition of founder members is to set up its own delivery model with potential supply chain partners.

Significant detail of the alliance’ plans in terms of roadmaps, Gantt charts and more will be made available to stakeholders and partners in the partners area.

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