About OSHA

The Off-Site Homes Alliance (OSHA) currently consists of 23 Registered Housing Providers, (and other supporting partners) all working in a controlled and collaborative environment to deliver high quality affordable homes across the North, using 2d and 3d MMC/Offsite technologies

Aggregated demand from within the RPs, strict governance and assessment protocols together with a robust business case, are the driving forces behind this exciting programme. Intelligence gathering and shared insight towards a successful supply chain delivery route for all partners, has already been established as the brief for the several working groups, who will all be looking and identifying various risk and opportunity areas for the successful delivery of the programme. 

A potential JV towards the end of the initial programme of work, will also be on the table for the relevant parties involved. More information can be viewed in the 6 themes below for the benefits and added value that this programme brings to the RP participants, the supporting strategic partners, and also to the supply chain partners of the alliance.

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